There you are.

    The New Library is a community literary blog. We are hungry and eager to read and publish your short fiction, poetry, and essays. We want to showcase internet writing that is freshly coughed, earnestly hammered, and threaded in honest substance. We want you to share with us a perspective that is unique and also unifying. We want you to eschew listicles and easy metaphors and stock criticisms of writing in your 20’s and tell us something we won’t forget with the opening of a new tab.

    We’re looking for submissions that are fearless, thoughtful, without gimmick, honest, sharp, and heartfelt. Here are some previous gems we’ve been beaming-gleaming-and-proud to publish:

    The Aneurism of O. Patricia Holden, a poem by Annie Werner

    The Birthday Letter, an essay by Erika Marie Paget

    All Things, a short story by Cynthia Shaffer

    Let us add you to the roster.

    Visit our site and familiarize yourself with the content we’ve already published. Here are our submission guidelines and contact information.

    Fellow writers and fans of creative writing: please reblog this post. Share this with anyone who may be interesting or interested. The larger our community, the finer our library.

    Thank you and welcome.

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